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Replacement Windows: A Wise Choice for Property Investors

duplex side-by-side

Smart Investment We understand that time is of the essence when you’re renovating a home to flip it and sell it for a profit or to rent it to tenants. Because we custom measured and designed replacement windows for each project, we make sure they are installed weather-tight and look beautiful. As a property investor,… Read More…

Are There Tornado-Proof Windows That I Can Purchase for My Home?

Tornado Forming

We have all heard of hurricane-proof windows, but for those throughout the State of Kansas, tornadoes are more of a threat. These vicious wind storms are capable of developing at any time throughout the year and often with very little warning. By having tornado-proof windows, you have the ability to mitigate the exceptional risk of… Read More…

Pivot Iron Doors Are the Perfect Option for Businesses Looking to Provide Access to Individuals with Disabilities

According to research, individuals with disabilities are considered to be the largest and the single fastest-growing of all minorities within the United States. These individuals – despite the hardships and challenges that they endure – control at least $1 trillion dollars in the total yearly income of the country. Just like those without disabilities, they… Read More…

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