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Should I Repair or Replace the Windows on My Home?

Woman Looking At Window

Home renovations are often time consuming and costly; however, not all of them add the same level of value. As a result, many individuals place an emphasis on those improvements that are known to add the highest level of value. Examples include remodeling the bathroom, retiling floors, and even exterior projects – such as adding… Read More…

3 Benefits of Self-Closing Doors

self-closing iron pivot door

Once you walk through a self-closing door, you will wonder why all doors don’t function the same way. Using a special hinge allows the oversized pivot doors we install to swing gracefully into place. Discover the multitude of benefits of investing in one for your home or office:  1. HANDS-FREE OPERATION Gone are the days… Read More…

What Is Window Wrapping?

If the windows of your home have not yet reached their lifespan but require a boost – in terms of performance – window wrapping is the way to go. Window wraps are a solid investment. These products enhance the performance of windows, optimize their level of energy efficiency, protect the exterior surfaces of your home,… Read More…

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