3 Issues That Should Not Be Ignored When It Comes to Doors and Windows

Based on information from the organization known as the National Association of Home Builders or “NAHB”, for short, the average entry door on a home last approximately 3 decades. The average window ranks in with a shorter lifespan of 15 years or so.

When you add in severe weather conditions such as heat waves, winter storms, immense rain systems, and severe storm systems, the lifespan of doors and windows have the potential to shorten considerably. In this guide, you will be presented with 3 issues that indicate that door replacement or window replacement should take top priority. 

  1. Improperly Shutting 

Improper shutting may not be easy to recognize until the issue has developed quite a bit; however, if it does happen, take a dollar and place it in the frame. Then, shut the door or window that you are testing. Try to pull it out. If you are able to easily remove the bill, it is time to call for help.

If windows and doors do not close property, they pose a safety risk. Additionally, you may find that the inside of your home reflects the outdoor temperatures. This is because all that cold air, hot air, and even high levels of humidity that is floating around outside will be able to make its way inside of your home.

Not only does this result in higher utility bills, you may find that it makes you more prone to allergies, sicknesses, and that your home has a higher level of susceptibility to the development of mold. 

  1. Cold Drafts 

During the winter months, are you finding that there are cold drafts in your home? Do you have problems warming the structure? Have you noticed an increase in your heating costs? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, it is likely that it is time for window or door replacement in your home.

Air leaks around these components of your home have the ability to use up 30% of your heat. If the issue is a large one, it could result in more usage. If you notice drafts, it is time for an inspection.

Contact a professional immediately who can confirm that the door or window is in need of replacement. If it is determined that you do need replacement windows or a replacement door, contact your local specialist right away. 

  1. Warps or Soft Spots 

Examine all of the windows and doors in your home. Do you notice any wood warping, wood rot, or other types of soft spots? If so, it is time to upgrade.

Not only will a window replacement or door replacement help to save you money on your utility costs, they can help in preventing the development of mold, fungus, excessive humidity in the home, and prevent pests – such as carpenter ants and termites – from finding your home an attractive place to nest and live out their lives. 

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