4 Benefits of Buying Windows During the Winter

Some homeowners put off replacing windows until temperatures warm up; however, the wintertime can be the prime opportunity to replace worn, outdated windows. In fact, there are multiple benefits to replacing windows in the off-season. 


Homeowners often become aware of window issues during the winter. Rotting wood frames, misaligned windows, and old sealant can cause a home’s heat to escape outdoors and allow cold air inside. 

A second problem that occurs during extreme outdoor temperatures is condensation that collects on the interior glass. If you see moisture on a window, sometimes increasing the home’s thermostat can offset the issue. But that solution is a temporary fix and often increases your energy bill. As window condensation persists, it creates more problems, including mold growth and wood rot. Upgrading to reliable windows with insulated glass is the solution. 


New windows are in high demand during the spring and summer and the prices reflect it. Wintertime is considered the off-season, increasing the likelihood that we can provide better offers. We also include $500 off installation when you purchase ten windows or more. 

Typically, we’re available to provide bids in the afternoon after a morning of installs. Why not save money while investing in your home’s value? Ask us to provide an accurate estimate for your window replacement project.


It’s easier to get windows when the demand for a product is lower. Supply chain issues have improved in the last two years, and winter is the perfect opportunity to order a shipment of windows. 

We order from well-established, top-quality window companies to ensure reliable shipment. The current lead time on windows is 8-14 weeks depending on the manufacturer. 


Instant improvement starts the day your home’s old windows are replaced. We make it easy to schedule installation. The same production team member that provides the estimate also installs the windows making the process streamlined and efficient. Our schedule is more flexible during the winter, so working around your schedule is possible. 

Avoid enduring another winter season with faulty windows and high energy bills. Contact our team at 316-201-9436 to start the replacement process, or email us your request for a bid at sales@316DirectWholesale.com. 

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