How to Choose a Pet Sitter

Choosing a pet sitter should involve more than just dialing a random number you find in your local phone book. You trust a pet sitter with the health and happiness of your beloved pets while you are at work or on vacation, and you cannot leave them with just anyone. Spend the extra time and energy to find a qualified professional. It will pay off in the end.

Selecting a Sitting Service

The good thing about using a service over an individual is that you can assume some basic checks have already been completed. Before choosing a service, however, you'll want to check a minimum of three references for the company and search online for any complaints against them. Make sure the service is bonded and insured and performs criminal background checks on all sitters they use. Also, find out what training they offer and what requirements they have when selecting sitters for their service.

Choosing a Sitter

Once you've selected a service, arrange to interview any qualified sitters they have available. Talking with potential sitters will give you a feel for them as a person. Ask about their past experience, their personal relationships with animals, and share how you feel and what you expect in terms of playing, feeding, walking, and caring for your animal(s). Make sure your expectations are communicated clearly, and discuss scheduling with potential sitters before making a decision. Also, find out what plan is in place in the event your sitter becomes ill or otherwise unable to perform his/her duties.

Preparing the Sitter

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To help ensure your pet is properly cared for, introduce the sitter to your pet before you leave for vacation, and supply the sitter with a full medical and behavioral history for your animal. Make sure emergency contact information is easily available, and gather food, vitamins, backup toys, and other necessary supplies in one convenient location. Make sure your home is secure, leashes and collars are in good condition, and your pet's tags are up to date.

Points to Remember

A quality pet sitter does a lot more than feed and walk your pet. Any pet sitter you choose must be willing (and happy) to spend quality time with your animal while you are away from home. While some sitters offer extra services, such as watering plants or performing basic cleaning, your primary concern should be your pet's happiness and safety. Your pet should also be the primary concern of any sitter you choose.

If you need help finding a pet sitter or service, contact the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters by calling 856-439-0324 or by visiting

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