Types of Hardware That Must Be Considered When Shopping for Replacement Windows

Window Hardware

If you are in the market for replacement windows, it is imperative that you consider the types of hardware that you will need or want on those windows. All operable windows have hardware installed that aid in the opening and the closing of the sash, latches, hinges, locks, and more.

The hardware is typically functional, but on some windows, it is decorative. When electing to install replacement windows in the home, you should always take the time to discuss your hardware options with the company that will create and install the windows in your home.

In this guide, you will learn about the hardware that should be considered. 

The Cranks

If you purchase certain types of windows, you will need to consider cranks as this is how they open and close. Examples of the windows that include an operational crank system include awning windows, casement windows, and hopper windows.

Most manufacturers offer traditional, metallic cranks; however, there are cranks available that include non-metallic finishes. Many cranks are stationary and can be seen, but there are crank systems that may be folded away and hidden from view so that they do not interfere with the window treatments placed on the window. 

The Counterbalances 

If you purchase a window that has a top and bottom sash that are both fully operational, the sash is dependent upon a counterbalance system. These consists of either torsion screws or maybe weights.

Examples of the types of windows that utilize counterbalances include double-hung windows. Today’s models may use a combination of torsion screws, specially-designed springs, and sash cords that are retractable. 

The Hinges 

Many of the windows available on the market today – such as casement windows – utilize hinges that are attached on the side. These allow the window to be opened like a door so that fresh air may make its way into the home.

Types of hinges that you may often select from include truth hinges, interior shutter hinges, exterior shutter hinges, traditional hinges, and olive knuckle hinges. You may choose from many different finishes. 

The Sliding Mechanisms

The sashes in certain types of windows are designed to slide along a window sill track due to the fact that they are extremely lightweight.

If you purchase these types of windows, you will want to consider the color of the sliding mechanism, as well as the type of material that the sill track is composed of when shopping for replacement windows. 

The Window Security Hardware 

All windows have some type of window security hardware. These may include latches, sash locks, and wedge locks. Prior to reaching a conclusion on the type of replacement windows you want in your home it is important that you determine the type of window security hardware that you would like to have. 

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