How to Protect Yourself from Replacement Window Scams

Replacement windows are an ideal option for homeowners that have a desire to improve the appearance of their home, the energy efficiency of the structure, and its structural integrity.

While there are many reputable contractors that specialize in window replacement, it is important to know that the industry includes individuals that attempt to take full advantage of homeowners looking to replace the windows of their home. I

n this guide, you will learn a few practical steps on how to protect yourself from replacement window scams. 

Know the Signs of a Shady Contractor 

The first step to protecting yourself against scams in the window replacement industry is to know the signs of a shady contractor. These may include one or more of the following:

  1. If the individual is overly aggressive with their sales pitch and the urgency of the job, be cautious. 
  2. Many shady contractors will request that you make a down payment on the work, but in cash only. 
  3. If there is no written bid or no written contract, you may be dealing with a scammer. 
  4. Those that are shady may be reluctant to offer references in regards to their work. 
  5. If the individual has a P.O box only and not a physical address, it could indicate an issue. 
  6. If the person has an out-of-state phone number or license plates, this should be a red flag. 
  7. If no warranty is offered or the person avoids showing you a written warranty, they are likely attempting to scam you. 
  8. Promises are made that cannot be 100% guaranteed – such as the promise to lower the amount that you pay for energy usage of the home. While replacement windows are more energy efficient, there is no 100% guarantee that energy bills will be lowered. It is common, yes, but not guaranteed. 
  9. If you make an attempt to contact by phone and the phone always goes to voice mail or an answering service and you receive no call back, you could have a scammer. 
  10. The company charges additional fees for installation steps that are necessary when it comes to window installation – such as sealing the products. 

Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Home 

You may avoid advertising schemes and scammers by engaging in the following:

  1. Review the company on the Better Business Bureau and pay special attention to the Reliability Report. 
  2. Do not pay by cash. Always pay by check or by credit card so that you have protections backing the purchase. 
  3. Obtain recommendations and referrals. 
  4. Work with local window replacement companies that are considered to be reputable and have good, honest reviews. 
  5. If you find that you become the victim of a scam, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. 

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